See below for digitisation, editing, tape cleaning and cloud storage pricing estimates.
Please contact us directly for an accurate quote

Included In Every Order

Pricing is listed further below, but we offer these benefits to improve your experience.


We provide FREE quotes over phone or email. Get in touch! 


Save money with bulk orders!*
13-22 items: 5% off
23-32 items: 8% off
33+ items: 10% off

*Includes the total of all order items except Online Storage.

Online Storage

We provide 3 Months FREE secure online storage for your digitised tapes, giving you plenty of time to download and keep them forever. Longer term storage options are also available.


FREE support on your order is provided over phone, text and email. All support queries are answered within 2 business days.


Transferred to digital formats and uploaded to online storage


$ 12 Per tape
  • 1-2 week turnaround
  • Least Expensive
  • Discounts on Bulk Orders*
  • Play on most devices
  • Standard Definition (SD)
  • 3 Mths Free Online Access
  • De-interlaced
  • Reduced Artefacts


Great quality
$ 18 Per tape
  • 1-4 week turnaround
  • Great Quality for price
  • Discounts on Bulk Orders*
  • Play on most devices
  • 720p Optimised (HD)
  • 3 Mths Free Online Access​
  • De-interlaced
  • Reduced artefacts


Ultimate quality
$ 24 Per tape
  • 1-4 week turnaround
  • Broadcast quality
  • Discounts on Bulk Orders*
  • Play on most devices
  • Optimised at Pro Res (HD)
  • 3 Mths Free Online Access​
  • De-interlaced
  • Reduced artefacts


Keep your order simple or customise it as you like.

Video Production

We can help make your videos really pop!

Video Edits / File Conversions: $15 per action

We can edit clips however you like. We can cut, join or add transitions, titles, just let us know. Pricing is usually per-action, please contact us for a customised quote

Tape Clean: $15 per tape

Got a dirty tape? We can clean it for you!
NOTE: if your tapes are very dirty, cleaning may be required before digitisation is done. In this situation we will let you know before undertaking any jobs.

Discreet Order: FREE

Don't want anyone to see your videos while they're being converted to digital files? Place a discretion order!
NOTE: discrete orders cannot be edited or quality checked.

Online Storage

Extend your online storage after the initial Free 3 Months. Available from anywhere you have internet reception!​

1 Month Online Storage: $3.95 p/m

A short extension, giving you extra time to download your videos or create space on your hard drive.

3 Months Online Storage: $11

Medium term storage to make things easier for you.

12 Month Online Storage: $42

We can keep your videos safe long term, so you don't need to find room for them.


To return your tapes we use Australia Post, allowing for parcel tracking and reliable deliveries. Once we receive your order we can provide an accurate delivery quote.

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